Minh Dam Mountain is a mountain range with a length of 9km, the widest place is 4km, located in Tam Phuoc, Phuoc Hung communes, Long Hai town (Long Dien), Phuoc Hai, Long My (Dat Do). This mountain range has the erect rocks 173m high, Hon Thung 217m, Chop Mao 323m.

Previously, this mountain range was called Thuy Van because from a distance, looking back there were cloudy clouds, later on the mountain range, two temples were built, Chau Vien and Chau Long, so it was also called Chau Long mountain – Chau Vien. Minh Dam mountain terrain became dangerous during the years of the resistance war against the French and the Americans, where this was a resistance base of the revolution. On November 17, 1948, Mr. Bui Cong Minh, Secretary; Mr. Mac Thanh Dam, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Long Dien district, on his way to work, was shot and killed by the ambushed enemy at Phuoc Trinh pagoda in the mountainous area. To commemorate the two revolutionary cadres, the people took the name Minh Dam and named the mountain range ever since.

Hon Mot Pagoda The official name of the pagoda is Linh Quang Vihara located on a hill, with an area of ​​1,600 square meters. The space of the pagoda has clusters of sculptural and architectural works scattered in the natural landscape, creating a relaxing and pleasant feeling for visitors.

Monkey Pagoda (the main name is Chan Nguyen Truc Lam Zen Monastery), located at the foot of Minh Dam mountain, Phuoc Hai town, Dat Do district, Ba Ria-Vung Tau province. The temple was built in 1990. The temple has a simple architecture, worshiping Buddha Shakyamuni meditating on the lotus. The landscape of the temple is very beautiful. On the right of the pagoda to Ky Van mountain, there are many rocks creating fancy shapes, such as a rock with a snake head, dolphins, elephants, turtles, phoenixes … Besides, there are linden trees. It is a hundred years old, with roots covered with large rocks, creating ancient features and interesting for visitors to visit. In particular, a group of wild monkeys with nearly 200 children living on Ky Van mountain, every early morning, often come down to eat “from the temple” and perform fun games until the sun rises to return to the cave in the mountain.

Memorial House of Mrs.Vo Thi Sau

The memorial house and heroic monument Vo Thi Sau is located at Dat Do crossroads, in Phuoc Long Tho commune – Dat Do district. The old wooden-walled, tiled-roof house where she lived in her childhood with her family with simple memorabilia and objects, had an ancestor altar and an altar she placed outside. In 1980, the house was renovated and spaciously today by the People’s Committee of Dat Do district.

Monument to the heroic hero Vo Thi Sau

About 100 meters away is the monument park and the heroic temple Vo Thi Sau. Her statue is placed there, a cool place, fragrant four seasons with porcelain flowers, jade orchids, lekima flowers. A beautiful, peaceful and quiet place. The statue was cast in bronze, 7m high, creating in the way Ms. Sau leisurely went to the legal arena, her shirt still fluttering in the wind. A person who is stubborn, indomitable, resilient, and never gives up to difficult and dangerous situations. The temple is a place for people to visit, celebrate heroes and display artifacts, introduce images of the life of heroic martyr Vo Thi Sau and some pictures of the homeland of Dat Do. Coming here, visitors seem to find out about the glorious history of the nation, for us to be proud, our country of Vietnam, our national history! Add love and cherish your own life. In January 2012 the park and temple were restored to the spacious and spacious as it is today.

Sightseeing by tram

Chan Nguyen Zen Monastery (Monkey Pagoda):

Take in the scenery on Cherry Blossom Road, The pagoda grounds are located in the beautiful landscape, the sounds of monkeys calling each other among the pristine mountains and forests.

– Adult ticket: 50,000vnd / ticket

– Tickets for children 5-10 years old: 30,000vnd / ticket

Journey to the Perfume Route (Monkey Pagoda and Hon Mot pagoda)

Visiting along the Cherry Blossom Road, admiring the Buddhist architecture with 18 Arhat, the West of the Three Saints … unique, sacred and extremely lively.

– Adult ticket: 80,000vnd / ticket

– Tickets for children 5-10 years old: 50,000vnd / ticke