Being operated with three restaurants in different styles and different services where the loved ones & you can experience the richness of variety local and international cuisine.

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A go-for option to many companies for an inclusive package. Especially, with our advantage of enormous garden space, we are trusted to have the best out-door banquet organized.

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A wedding holding on green grassplot and white-sand beach aside in the mixture of murmuring waves along with overflowing feelings from your beloved ones is just like a dream come true.

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In order to build a strong connection among members of the business, team-building is one of the useful activities to create the link and develop understanding each other’s strengths and ability. Here are 7 essential benefits of team building activities:
#1. Increase productivity
#2. Enhance confidence
# 3. Effective teamwork
# 4. Improve communication skills
# 5. Help all employees feel “involved”
# 6. Encourage creativity
# 7. Improve cooperation


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Service price list: Hoa Anh Đào, An Hòa Gate

( Package ticket price includes: freshwater swimming pool, leaf hut, chaise seat, plastic table, toilet, fresh water bath, food preparation area, grill area, insurance, health care, rescue).

Regular day: (Monday to Friday)

Adults: (12 years old or older) 140,000 VND/ guest

Children: (from 5 years old to 11 years old) 70,000 VND/ child

Weekends: (Saturday and Sunday)

Adults: (12 years of age or older)  150,000 VND /guest

Children: (from 5 years old to 11 years old) 80,000 VND/ child

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